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Goldmund Telos 300 Stereo Amplifier

Telos 300 is a stereo power amplifier producing 450W of pure power for exceptional musical enjoyment. Continuing the excellence and legacy of the Telos line, its design is inspired by its illustrious predecessor, the Telos 280. This unit includes an improved power supply for more sustained low frequencies. Amplifier protection has been enhanced including a timer that opens its outputs when overloaded.
Telos 300 is a class AB power amplifier that integrates the latest evolutions of Goldmund proprietary Telos amplification technology. Components were adjusted in all amplification stages to reduce harmonic distortions in the high frequencies, improve linearity, and guarantee the fidelity of the musical message even further. The perfect companion of the Mimesis 27.8 or the Mimesis 37S NextGen preamplifier, Telos 300 can also be paired with any other preamplifier of Goldmund collection.
Telos 300