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Goldmund Mimesis 37S NextGen

Goldmund Mimesis 37S NextGen is a high-end analog stereo preamplifier. Its ability to reduce noise and distortion using multiple parallel preamplifier stages is purely incredible. A Full Dual-Mono construction with processor-driven linked attenuators, the Mimesis 37S NextGen uses a separate power supply unit for optimum noise reduction and 2 successive stages of power regulation with 4 separate circuits.
The Mimesis 37S NextGen is delivered with 7 inputs – 5 unbalanced and 2 balanced analog inputs – and 3 outputs – 1 unbalanced tape loop and 1 balanced and 1 unbalanced analog output per channel. It is also protected against ground loops and AC line drops or interruption will trigger and automatic muting. The Mimesis 37S NextGen is a reference in analog preamplification and will remain without equivalent in audio circuit quality and sound for the years to come.